Over the last ten years, the world has been gripped by rapid, wide ranging changes. The world today is a society that is experiencing and living a new world order, which many today refer to as the “global and digital society”. Rapid advancements in information technology have made territorial boundaries no longer relevant in relations among nations. Today global values can easily permeate the society in remote areas. Consequently, marginalized people, who are often considered to be very far from the center of power, also have access to drivers of global developments. Local population has easy access to information on global politics taking shape in other countries. Load More

Sub-Themes dan Topics

  1. Studying and Learning Public Administration: Global Perspective
    • Innovation and Ideas for Public Administration Teaching
    • Knowledge Building in Asian Public Administration
  2. Ethics and Integrity in Digital Era : Building Integrity in Public Sector
    • Attitudes Toward Corruption Acts in Public Sector
    • Dimensions of Transparency in Governance
  3. Accountability and Performance in Public Service :
    • Understanding Asian Bureaucrats: Promising Resources for Better Public Services?
    • Advancing Public Service: Current Trends and Future Prospects
    • Developing the Next Generation of Asian Public Service Leaders
    • Bureaucratic Politics and Political Leadership Across Asia
  4. Politics, Administration and Governance Relations in Globalized World
    • Decentralization and Poverty Reduction in Asia
    • Asian Values in Managing Administrative Reform
    • Participative and Collaborative Governance in Practice: Asian Context
    • ASEAN Perspectives on Labor Migration in Public Sector
  5. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Government :
    • Digital Governance Across Asia: Implementation and Challenges
    • Big Data Applications in Public Sector: Risk and Potentials
    • Smart City Initiatives: Lessons from Asia
  6. Best Practice and Lesson Learned of Public Sector Reform in Asia :
    • Civil service reform: major issues and challenge in implementation
    • Change management and administrative reform
    • Strengthening government institution: organizational rightsizing


The Stones Hotel Legian
Jl. Raya Pantai Kuta Banjar Legian Kelod Legian Bali, Bali 80361

2019: Proceedings IAPA Annual Conference: Theme 6

Best Practice and Lesson Learned of Public Sector Reform in Asia

Published: 2019-11-13

The Enhancement of Work Motivation in Agrarian Affair Office of Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Policy Network: Smart Village Program in Banyuwangi Regency

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Educational Curriculum Scenario Planning in Facing Revolution 4.0

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Interferences of Bandung Creative City in Developing the Creative Economy of Bandung City

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Conception of Social Justice in Eastern Indonesia within the Framework of the Republic of Indonesia

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