Inequality of Middle Education Resources in Lampung Province

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Simon S. Hutagalung Eko Budi Sulistio Apandi Apandi Devi Puspita Sari


The government continues to make various efforts to improve the quality of education in Lampung Province, including its infrastructure, increasing competence and teacher welfare. Departing from this background, it is important to analyze the inequality in the distribution of educational capacity between regions in Lampung Province, in this research focused on the level of secondary education. This research was conducted using a mixed method method that combines qualitative and quantitative techniques with a qualitative paradigm. The quantitative data to be used include educational statistics from BPS, Dapodik and Education Balance, while the qualitative data to be used include interviews, observations and text analysis. The existence of private schools is dominant in Central Lampung, East Lampung, South Lampung and Bandar Lampung. This indicates if the area has an attractiveness for private schools to be involved in the provision of education. In addition, the social role of several private schools affiliated with community social organizations also reflects the efforts to be actively involved in the development of education in their area. Then, the availability of several types of space in schools in each district/city seems to vary.

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