Ethics and Malpractice Statement


Policy on Publication Ethics 

This policy is intended to ensure the best publishing practices for all parties involved in the scholarly publishing process. PGR Journal Editor is responsible for reviewing and amending this policy as deemed fit and reasonable in light of changes in regulations, laws, and other related policies.

Integrity in scientific publishing is the responsibility of the core entity, which includes journal editors and board members, authors, and reviewers involved in the scholarly publishing process. It is necessary to agree on ethical standards for all stakeholders involved in the publication of journal articles.

This policy covers publication ethics, biosecurity, animal/human use and research permits, disclosure and conflict of interest, reporting research funding, peer-reviewing process, editorial independence, copyright issues, authorship, publication misconducts/fraud/plagiarism, article retraction, clarification or correction, and so on.

This policy also serves as a plan of action in the unlikely event that publication ethical issues or misconduct arise. If allegations of misconduct are brought to the attention of the Chief Editors, so the editor board members appoint a journal ethics advisor and panels to investigate and resolve any suspected publication misconducts.

The publication ethical and malpractice statements are made with reference from the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The full document of the policy can be downloaded here: 
Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement PGR


Malpractice Statement of PGR

PGR is committed to pursuing the highest standards of probity and the elimination of malpractice in research presented within own journals. It is ultimately the responsibility of the editors-in-chief to ensure that this policy is disseminated to all and followed through. If any third party believes that malpractice has occurred, they are encouraged to contact the Editors-in-Chief of the journal.

Where malpractice has been found to occur, the article in question will be removed from the journal. Individuals found to have deliberately undertaken actions that result in malpractice will be excluded from publishing in the Journal in the future.